Documentaries are the visual products that have arguably won the most in popularity throughout the last decennium. They are a wonderful and dynamic medium of visual storytelling that has made its way onto television and online platforms, but also into movie theatres around the globe. A large amount of important topics from several areas of intellectual expertise have been brought into mainstream attention in a creative and visually pleasing way in the form of a fascinating documentary. We are always looking for wonderful stories that also deserves to be heard and, of course, seen.

We at Crownmotion are very committed to shedding light on issues close to our hearts and overthrowing cultural barriers and building bridges between people from different backgrounds through our very own documentaries. Our work reflects profound professional as well as personal engagement with sensitive topics such as diversity, social ex- and inclusion, health, education and international development in ways that range from subtle to sensational. We strive to make stirring, stunning documentaries that aim to engage, enlighten and entertain.