Since the rise of musical television networks such as MTV, music videos have always been an indispensable aspect of the identity of modern music’s most exciting pop stars. That rise inspired Crownmotion to create tailored music videos for up and coming DJs and singers. Music videos are able strengthen and enrich the musical message that is put forward through a song. In an age in which musicians are all-around artists, the music video is an essential element in the aesthetic image. Thereby, the music video is a significant part of the culture of our consumption of music, art and entertainment.

While music is consumed and forgotten about online daily, if not hourly, artists need a little something extra to stand out. The creative minds at Crownmotion are able to provide musicians with that something: strong creative visuals to give them a substantial competitive advantage over their colleagues who stick with a MP3. In a way, the music video is the replacement of the album cover that was the most important visual aspect of musical identity in the age of physical consumption. Technological innovation and old-fashioned creativity go hand in hand at Crownmotion in the same way that audio and video do in the greatest music videos.


Music video Jeronimo

Musicvideo Miami