Crownmotion produces a wide array of creative film products, including television commercials, corporate videos, short and feature films, music videos and even high-end wedding videos. As an independent video production company, Crownmotion strives to be more flexible and Friendly than most major competitors.

Crownmotion was founded in 2014 by Ferry Hoppener

After years of being an active freelancer, his lifelong dream of founding his own film production company finally came true in 2014. In order to accomplish his mission, Ferry has worked at several major production companies as freelancer and production manager. These experiences now allow Crownmotion to deliver top notch video productions for corporate purposes as well as for the private market. 

Crownmotion engages in collaboration with several major players, fromUshuaia and Skygroup to Space Ibiza. Over the course of last year, new collaborations have come into existence.

Crownmotion’s team consists of young, passionate and professional cinematographers, who, strengthened by their talent and enthusiasm, are more than willing to go the extra mile to translate the most beautiful moments of life into the most stunning images you could ever imagine.