+ How do we get started?

We’ve broken things down into 3 stages: Pre-production, production and distribution.

+ Will you travel if required?

Yes! If you have a look at our portfolio, you’ll see we have done various projects in different parts of the Netherlands as well as other parts of the world such as USA, Spain, Abu Dhabi etc!

+ How long should my video be?

This really comes down to what kind of video you’re producing and what the aim of your video is. We recommend anything from 30 seconds to 2/3 minutes! The biggest reason is the longer your video gets, the less engaged your audience is. When it comes to online video, brevity is key. If you really have a lot to say it is usually a better plan to produce multiple videos and let the viewers choose the shorter bits of content they are most interested in.

+ How long will it take to produce my video?

All projects vary in scope and scale. The typical project lasts 1-2 weeks. pre-production up to 1-2 weeks.

+ How many revisions do I get to make on my video production?

You have 2 opportunities to make comments and changes on the finished video, we call it the Rough-Cut and the Final-Cut stages.

+ How much does a video cost to produce

It’s difficult to give a “one size fits all” figure, there are many variables at play and each project has its own unique challenges and objectives. Typically projects range between from 1000 and 25,000. obviously the more invest the more you get!

At Crownmotion, we understand that marketing departments are working within budgets - we'll work with you to create something which fits the brief and the budget

+ Do you have any additional fees you tack on after the project is done

NO! Whatever budget we agree to in the production agreement is the budget you will spend. If there are any additions due to production scope changes we will discuss and approve those before they are incurred.

+ What are your payment terms?

We require a 50 percent deposit for your project to get started and the remaining 50 percent is due upon project completion. 30 days to pay. We are open to different structures that make sense for everyone.